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Progesterone Testimonials for Natural Progesterone Cream
Natures Light Natural Progesterone Cream

Progesterone Cream

I'm very impressed with your cream. It's quite different from other brands I've tried. The texture and the scent I find more appealing. For the past few months I've been experimenting with different brands just to see how different they are and which one I prefer. I like your product the best out of the other creams I've tried.

-Kate, NE

Thank you, Laurie, for your marvelous product! I was recently waking up with stiff, achy fingers (too much time at the computer!) and started using The Cream in the mornings on my hands--pain is gone! If I get a little cranky, my daughter says, "Mom, where's your cream?" Can't imagine life without it!!! Thank you!

-Melinda, ID

I love your product. II am 29 years old and have suffered with horrid mood swings during pms for many many years..I tried the cream for that reason. What I wasn't expecting was not only did it do wonders for pms, (I can't say I don't have one day of a bit moodiness, but that is down from about ten days), but what amazed me was the rest of the month, I feel better. I start using it 3 days after my period, and the weeks in there before my period are much better than they used to be, and I didn't even realize that I wasn't feeling well then:)! I feel calmer, less stressed, more easy going, I sleep better..its very nice! Recently I tried a brand in my drug store, it was 14.99 but I thought I could save money by not having it shipped and buying it here in town, I tried it and did not care for it..I really noticed a I am sticking with this brand thank you very much!!! I am just glad I found this stuff!!

- Jessica, IL

I started using Natures Light because I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I was taking Provera, until my mom at age 37, had both of her breast removed because of breast cancer. I haven't had a menstrual cycle yet, but I have seen great improvements. I used a little on my face to see if it would help the acne. It did! The hair growth on my face is much less and lighter. I use it on the back of my neck at night and now I sleep through the night! In turn I feel rested and I'm in a better mood. If I start my menstrual cycle with this product that will be the best benefit of all. This product is wonder . Thank you so much!

- Danielle, LA

I have used Natures Light Cream for 10 months, and I have found the sensitivity of my breasts is not as intense as when not using the cream during my menstrual cycle. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has suffered from discomfort.

- Shelley, CO

I love the cream. I am sleeping better and am much more calm. My mind can more uncontrolled worries. Thanks!!!!

- Janet, CA

"I am tired of losing 14 days of my life every month." I told my doctor years ago. In the past I had complained to him about PMS, the sore breasts, the Jacky/Hyde personality. He gave me diuretics for water retention, said to watch the caffeine, and that it would be okay. It seemed to me that he didn't believe that PMS was real. I held my ground, something had to be done.

Blood work showed I was low on progesterone (estrogen dominant), so I was given a prescription for synthetic progestin. That night, on the front page of the local paper there was an article advising that synthetic hormones increased your risk of getting cancer by 8-12% per year, or more if cancer ran in your family. My mother, and grandmother had both died of cancer, and my aunt has battled with cancer throughout her life. I knew that synthetic hormones were NOT the answer. While researching, I found that nature provided us with natural hormones. I also found that there were lots of products out there claiming to have the natural progesterone in them, but I had a hard time finding one that had enough in it to work. At this point I began researching ways to make my own natural progesterone cream, using natural ingredients.

I began taking herbal classes, studying with master herbalists, and gaining knowledge from books and other resources. Through much trial and error, I created a progesterone cream that works. During the years, I have discussed "Estrogen Dominance" with many women, and was amazed at how many were losing time out of their lives. After trying the cream, they encouraged me to make more for their friends and family. Production began, and Natures Light was born.

I now know my body, there are months when the stress of life gets very great and I need to increase the amount of the cream. Other months, using it two times a day brings me to the first day of my period unprepared. I can handle one or two bad days, but not fourteen. My cramps have all but left and the clotting is gone. Natures Light, Natural Progesterone Cream works! The thing that makes our cream different from the other is...A WOMAN MADE IT AND WOMEN TESTED IT. I KNOW IT WORKS!!!

We priced Natures Light, Natural Progesterone Cream affordably, because we know that women will sacrifice for their family, but shouldn't have to in order to enhance their lives. If you don't like the cream, for any reason, return the unused portion to us, and we will refund your money.


I have been using Natures Light for a year now, and it has made my days (and nights) much better. I no longer wake up with the night sweats, I feel "normal" again-no more moodiness. I have also found this if I put the cream on the back of my neck, right before I go to bed, I no longer lie awake at night. I fall right to sleep and wake up refreshed. THANK YOU, Natures Light. put the cream on the back of my neck, right before I go to bed, I no longer lie awake at night. I fall right to sleep and wake up refreshed. THANK YOU, Natures Light.

-Ann, CO

Just wanted to share with you that I placed my first order in April and am more than pleased with the much so, that I have actually given some away to women that seem to need to try this. One of the ladies that works for me has done the same. Another of my staff is thrilled with the results. She suffers a great deal of bloating and cramping with her cycle, and already she has been thrilled as she went through her last cycle with NO pain and so little bloating, she was hardly aware of it.

For myself, I had a complete hysterectomy back in October. The hot flashes, sweats, insomnia had become totally unbearable. I'm not a candidate for the typical HRT, due to a bout with breast cancer. The docs tried all sorts of other drugs to try and give me some relief from the symptoms, but none of them gave any relief lasting beyond about 10 days. Using Natures Light, what hot flashes I do have are few and far between and are tolerable (no longer overbearing). I am sleeping through the night now, and am no longer waking up with my bed sheets soaked from the "sweats". My only regret is that I didn't know about natural progesterone about 20 years ago when pre-menopause began at age 31!

Thank you Laurie for making this affordable for women all over!

PS - Forgot to mention, two of us who are menopausal were experiencing a LOT of heart palpitations. We are no longer experiencing any at all!

- Marsha, OR