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Megan's Naturals

A couple of months ago my daughter Megan-she is 9 asked if she could start making some products of her own. She has grown up watching all facets of Natures Light so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised by her question. She wanted to make lip gloss, so she asked Memere (Laurie her grandmother--Memere is French for Grandmother) and they sat down and ordered some scents and ingredients to make lip gloss.

Next thing you know Megan is asking her dad to make her a "stand" (she had drawn him design plans) so she can sit at the end of our driveway and sell her lip gloss. So the idea for Megan's Naturals by Natures Light was born :) Her first products are Cotton Candy Lip Gloss and Wild Strawberry Lip Gloss.

Don't think Megan is done there, she already has a list of products for us to develop and believe me when I say she is persistent.